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released June 25, 2019

recoreded/mixed/mastered by Sasha Stroud at Artifact Studio!


all rights reserved



DOLLHOUSE New York, New York


1/2: LA @ The Hi Hat

1/3: Tijuana @ Lycanthro Pub

1/4: Santa Ana @ Gunthers

1/5: Oakland @ Lucky Duck
... more

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Track Name: Summer Love
summer ’06 we were both sick
it wasn’t cancer but it looked like we had it
the thinning of our hair the shaking of our knees
I thought we both looked beautiful weak in New York heat
so we pulled on flowers like everything was okay
I thought we had a death pact but then you ran away from me
I didn’t understand

ever fallen in love with a sicko before?
they say it’s hard
when their entire life is helping
someone starve
lifes a competition
lifes hard

so we pulled on flowers like everything was okay
I thought we had a death pact but you ran away
from me
I didn’t get it

you were not much smaller than me
but I helped you tie your shoes like some annoying baby
putting lucky rocks in our pockets before we went to therapy
you disappeared maybe that’s on me
summer ’06 we were both sick
I thought we had a death pact but you didn’t do it
Track Name: The Shadow Baby
do coke in the daytime never leave your house
avoid the sun im making this year count
I’ll be your shadow it’s who I am
take your life from the inside
dinner with dropouts, the company of crooks
go to bed every night thinking you’re the worst

im the shadow baby
im the shadow baby

you’re dumb if you trust a friend dumb if you trust a lover
the whole world is meant to make you live in the shadow
of another
if my mother was dead I would have joined her by now
I’d leave a pretty message
I’d love it if was wrong and there really was a heaven
Track Name: Eating Angels
when I was young I saw two angels making love
they made me watch they told me that it was
beautiful I don’t think that it was beautiful
that’s the first time I saw the angels eat

im eating angels

when they were done they made me have a taste
angels taste sweet angel sweat tastes great
I felt so wrong but I saw that they were beautiful
I wanted to be beautiful like angels too

when I was young I saw two angels making love
they made me watch
they told me it was beautiful
Track Name: Making New Friends With Other Losers
hanging on the front stairs with my mom
her friend was dying so she sold us oxycontin
hanging with a lover in their room it was nice
to have a playmate but it’s sad we couldn’t move
I just shoulda stayed home

I skipped on train tracks until it arrived
where men wiped the tears away from my eyes
that’s when you have to lie
I just should have stayed home where its nice inside

I snuck out a window to meet a friend
she got hit by a car and I was nervous she was dead
then I took the wrong train home
where strange men rubbed themselves at me and moaned.
I probably put on a show because I cant be alone
but I just should have stayed home
Track Name: Andrew
I taught some young pervert how to self-harm
one year later the pervert boy was gone
no one on the unit cared they took the body away
I remember being near the window
it was snowing in May

I wasn’t wrong
the worlds a better place
I love that he’s gone

the thoughts he’d act out on his little sister
how the mom found burn blisters on
the feet of their dog
some you can’t fix I was right all along
I was right
Track Name: Dollhouse
itd be nice to have money nice to have fame
but i wanna be up on the wall like you were
my favorite doll

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